A centralized coin that can be mined with Arduinos, ESP8266/32s, Raspberry Pis, computers, smartphones and many more.

Please note that Duino in it's current state is more for fun than profits. The main purpose of the project is to show that low-power devices can have a place in cryptography. There are many people that don't quite get the idea - if you're wondering if this project is for you, please read our whitepaper.

  •  Supported by a large number of platforms
  •  Fast-growing community
  •  Easy to use & exchange
  •  Available everywhere
  •  Beginner-friendly
  •  Fully open-source
  •  Easy to mine
  •   Ticker: DUCO (ᕲ)
  •   Coin supply: Infinite (350k coins before December 2020, new limits planned for the future)
  •   Transaction time: Instant
  •   Consensus: PoW (DUCO-S1, XXHASH); PoS & more planned; rewards managed by the original KOLKA (& GRATKA) system
  •   Users on network: 7311

 What is the point of mining on AVR boards

Simply saying - because now you can. There is literally no other coin that is built around it.
Many people have Arduinos that are just laying around waiting for better days - we thought it'd be a cool idea to put these small devices in use in the crypto world, especially since they're low-power. We wanted to create something new and unique, and from the size of community we've gathered, looks like we accomplished it.

If the idea of setting it all up sounds hard for you - don't worry. We have a lot of guides to make it all easy. Get started


Duino-Coin will never give you any huge profits from mining. For big earnings you should probably take a look at other coins. As we often say, DUCO is mostly for fun and gaining experience with electronics or cryptocurrencies as a beginner, the profits are just a bonus.


Duino can be currently exchanged on these sites:

 Beyondtoshi (Beyondcoin Founder)
Duino-Coin presents a new type of crypto allowing even the average person to successfully mine. Duino-Coin has a great and bright future, so what are you waiting for, start mining today!
The beautiful thing about Duino is that you can use boards like Arduino, ESP and so on. Low power devices are the way to go imho. Developers should think about expanding the list of boards on which DUCO would be available, maybe something with alternative power sources (solar, wind, etc).
DUCO is like cheese: there is no such thing as "too much cheese"
I think thats the beauty of this thing. Everybody can mine! Maybe not get filthy rich by doing it, but still mine! I love this project. If nothing else then for sbc/arduino hobbyists playground and learning place.
Duino-Coin has potential to be a great coin with a huge advantage for education and understanding of block chain, it's the only coin with a $5-10 entry to mine with an Arduino. It's what drew me to the project.
I have been using Duino-Coin for a couple months now and I have to say, it is the best cryptocurrency I've ever mined! It is easy, cheap, and fun to mine! The Discord server is also amazing! They do a ton of giveaways.

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